Arthur’s Lounge in Kansas City – Bands Beware!

Arthur’s Lounge, located at 8158 NW Prairie View Road in Kansas City, Missouri has a reputation for canceling bands at the last minute.

Local Kansas City band Midnite Revue was scheduled to play there this Saturday, October 17th, and they emailed today to tell them that they were cancelled.  This, after Midnite Revue had been holding the date for Arthur’s Lounge for over a month – and turning down other offers.  Midnite Revue is now left without a show on Saturday night – very rare for this band!

Beware of Arthur’s Lounge – they do not uphold their contracts.

Terrible Bands at The Legends Shopping Center


Kansas City News – KC News Blog

Wow, and we thought the bands at Zona Rosa were terrible this year – you should see the crap they’re hiring at The Legends Shopping Center this summer.

It’s almost as if they’re just getting the lowest priced bands in town.

There was one bright light this summer, however…

We showed up one evening to find about 3000 people gathered around the main fountains by the movie theaters at Legends and we were thinking “they must have a big concert going on – FINALLY”.  As we got closer we could hear the music – it sounded like Beyonce – we got excited!  We finally moved through the crowd until we could see the band and we were delighted to see one of Kansas City’s best dance bands – in a place we never thought we’d see them – at The Legends.  The band had a full horn section, a killer female vocalist and they also had a DANCE TEAM doing steps along with the songs.  The band was called The KC All Stars, and they were exactly that.

We asked around and found out that the band playing there had nothing to do with The Legends management (big surprise because the band was actually good) and was in fact hired by a private company to be there that night.

So, no credit goes to The Legends Shopping Center for having The KC All Stars, but they were by FAR the best band we’ve ever seen out there.

Jam Session at Kennedy’s in Waldo

We were out last night at Kennedy’s nightclub in waldo (75th & Wornall) and had a great time!

Kennedy’s had a large fire that closed the business down completely.  They recently remodeled the nightclub in a very smart way.  The bar basically sits wide open on the corner of 75th and Wornall with floor to ceiling windows along one side, the bar on the other, and in the back it’s wide open for smokers etc.  Pretty fricken awesome.

Roland Allen - Kansas City Blues Guitarist
Roland Allen – Kansas City Blues Guitarist

There was a live band playing and they were really fun.  Not bad for a Thursday Night 🙂

Members of the band were Marky Mark Owens on bass, Phil Callier on drums, Eddie on percussion, Leonard Ladd on keys and Roland Allen on guitar and vocals.

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Kansas City Concerts – Some You’ve Heard of, Some You Haven’t

Here are some upcoming Kansas City concert announcements – some you’ve heard, some you haven’t
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Tickets on sale | Rob Thomas to perform Oct. 29 at the Midland
On sale Friday

Rob Thomas, Midland, Oct. 29. $31.25-$86.25

On sale Saturday

Clutch, Beaumont Club, Oct. 1. $20

On sale now

Chris Isaak, tonight, VooDoo Lounge at Harrah’s Casino. $55-$70

Sonic Youth, July 18, Uptown. $26

Incubus, July 19, City Market. $34

Yallapalooza 2009, with Pat Green, John Joiner Band, Matt Stillwall and more; July 18, Sandstone. $20-$35

Neko Case, July 19, Uptown. $25

Def Leppard with Poison and Cheap Trick, July 21, Sprint Center. $39-$125

Conquer and Curse Tour with Abigail Williams, July 20, Riot Room. $11

Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival, featuring Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Bullet for My Valentine, Trivium and eight other bands, July 21, Sandstone. $45-$55

Demi Lovato, with David Archuleta, July 22, Sprint Center. $39.50-$49.50

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Royals LIVE crew interviewed at the new Kauffman Stadium

Did you know that the first organist for the Kansas City Royals started with The Kansas City “A’s” and then The Kansas City “Monarchs” and finally The Kansas City Royals. His name was Harry Jenks – great uncle of local Kansas City producer Adam Blue.
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A night at the ballpark with the crew of “Royals Live”

You are Joel Goldberg.

Seventeen years ago, you were just a kid cheering your hometown Philadelphia Phillies to victory in the 1980 World Series. That was about the time when you discovered the pleasures of turning down the volume on the TV set and calling the game yourself in the voice of Harry Kalas, the Phillies’ legendary play-by-play announcer.

Fast forward to 2007. You are now in the same business as Harry Kalas, covering major league baseball for a living.

Joel Goldberg (right) formed a quick partnership with Jamie Quirk, his new sidekick this season on the “Royals Live” pre-game and post-game shows. “He knows the game so well,” Goldberg says.

Joel Goldberg (right) formed a quick partnership with Jamie Quirk, his new sidekick this season on the “Royals Live” pre-game and post-game shows. “He knows the game so well,” Goldberg says.

You’re not a play-by-play man like Kalas (mostly you do interviews and report on- and off-the-field activities of the St. Louis Cardinals), and the Cardinals aren’t the Phillies (but they are the defending world champions).

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Tommy Watson – Still King of The Greens – Tiger Who?

Good old Kansas City boy Tom Watson is lighting it up on the British Open – Kansas City pride baby!
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Watson still out front at an amazing British Open

Tom Watson looked around at the amazing scene Saturday, his eyes tearing up a bit as all the Scottish fans surrounding the 18th green toasted one of golf’s greatest champions.

He might just have another title in him – this one for the ages.

In a repeat of the British Open’s throwback theme, Watson shot a 1-over 71 that kept the 59-year-old out front heading to the final round at blustery Turnberry, where the scores kept going up but the ol’ guy never faltered.

Three years shy of qualifying for Social Security and playing on a surgically replaced left hip that’s less than a year old, Watson showed the kids how it’s done. He pulled off several brilliant par saves, played it safe when he needed to and shook off a stretch of bogeys that briefly cost him the lead.

“That’s been the game plan,” Watson said. “I’m pretty close to it.”

At the end, pure magic for the second day in a row.

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Walter Cronkite goes the distance – we lost him at 92

National news reporter Walter Cronkite left us on Friday night…
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News legend Walter Cronkite, 92, dies

Walter Cronkite, whose warm, personal style helped define the television news and earned him the title of “most trusted man in America,” died Friday night in his New York home surrounded by family. He was 92.

As the anchor of the “CBS Evening News” from 1962 to 1981, Cronkite was much more than the country’s most-watched newscaster. He became a reassuring interpreter of the events that roiled America and the world, from civil rights unrest to the Vietnam War to Watergate to the hostage crisis in Iran.

He also became a national icon. His signoff, “That’s the way it is,” was added to the lexicon of American popular culture. So was “Uncle Walter.”

“I always have been concerned about the idolatry” of people on TV, Walter Cronkite said.

File photo

“I always have been concerned about the idolatry” of people on TV, Walter Cronkite said.

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